My 2015 Year in Review

As many people do, I usually use the end of the year as an opportunity to reflect on the past year and perhaps set goals for the new year. Instead of writing up my thoughts and feelings, this year I was moved to explore the past year through art. On new year's eve, I was suddenly seized by the desire to sculpt a head. As I sculpted, I felt the urge to attempt to capture the complex set of emotions I felt as I thought about my past year. The sculpt you see below is the result of my efforts. I call it My 2015 Year in Review.

Since I find this kind of thing interesting, I've also included progress photos that I captured with my phone. The final picture was captured with my wife's DSLR. The sculpt was done with a medium firm oil based clay and the usual assortment of inexpensive sculpting hand tools. It is entirely clay except for the bolt holding it to the base that provides the balance the head wouldn't have on its own.


Rough start:
Emotions emerge:
Neck and teeth:
Roughing out eyes:
Ears and chin dimple:
Eye details:
Teeth detail:


After finishing up the sculpt, I got some black cloth I had picked up earlier to use as a backdrop. My wife kindly took some nice photos. I then cropped one to use as an avatar picture on the various social media sites. It is replacing the cinnamon waffle on a green plate that has served me so well.

This is my salute to 2015. Thank goodness it is behind us! On to a better 2016!