Reaching IndieMark Level 1

I had recently committed to achieving IndieMark Level 1. Let's see where I'm at. (Please forgive the horrible styling.)

Personal domain that you use as your primary identity on the web. Done 0.2
Setup IndieAuth, sign-in to IndieWebCamp, and create your user page, linking to your personal domain. Done 0.2
Multiple posts with permalinks for the content on your own site. 0.1 point per post. Max 0.2 points Done 0.2
h-entry markup of those posts. 0.1 points per post with h-entry. Max 0.2 points Done and Done 0.2
Searchability Done 0.2
Total: 1.0

Level 1 achieved!

How I Did It

A lot of time passed between my initial commitment tweet and when I was able to actually start to work (it is the holidays). I had originally intended to resurrect a tool I had been writing that would allow me to rapidly make posts to my website. (Yes, it is a bespoke website generator. Please stop laughing.) However, a year had passed since I last worked on that project. After spending an hour familiarizing myself with the code and considering driving myself (too) hard to get the tool into shape, and then spending another hour over lunch kicking myself for not making more progress, I realized the only way I was going to make my commitment was to generate the site the old fashioned way: I just typed raw HTML into my editor.

While less than ideal, this actually had several advantages:

  1. Complete control over the structure of my page.
  2. I would learn more about h-entry microformat.
  3. I wouldn't kill myself trying to meet my commitment while fighting to finish a tool.
  4. I would actually meet my commitment.

I think that last point is incredibly important. I need to keep making progress, regardless of how small the steps. Regardless of whether it is exactly how I wanted to reach my goal, I did reach my goal.

What's Next

While I was able to "cheat" my way to Level 1, I need to review what I want to do next. I can keep typing raw HTML, but that will make everything difficult in the long run. Here's some immediate general goals:

  1. Automate posting articles - without this, I don't believe I will make any further progress.
  2. Apply some CSS - this place looks so shabby.