Committing to IndieMark Level 1

I have long had a goal to own my corner of the web. However, other than registering a few domains and setting up my very basic website, I have not made much progress. I do keep tabs on the IndieWeb movement, and Tantek recently made a post where he listed people's commitments to make improvements to their personal web presences by 2015-01-01. After seeing all the other commitments, I got excited and tweeted:

"Inspired by all the #IndieWeb 2015-01-01 commitments. I'm committing to get to IndieMark Level 1. …"

That probably doesn't seem like much, but for me it is a big deal. If I just wanted to get a site up and running, there are fairly easy ways to do so. For instance Ben Werdmüller and Erin Jo Richey have been working on Known, which from everything I can see would be an excellent platform to use.

However, besides supporting the ideals behind IndieWeb, my motivation for participating is to give myself an opportunity to learn about the "web stack". I have a seemingly insatiable desire to learn. It is both a strength and weakness. I try to rein in my appetite lest it destroy me, but I think understanding web technology is time well spent. In the modern world, it is ubiquitous.

I have many years experience developing software and hardware, but I am largely a web newb. Where many developers cut their teeth developing websites, I cut my teeth designing FPGA logic, interfacing with strange lab equipment, and designing software to run on embedded devices (e.g. Game Boy Color). I try to keep informed of technology outside what has become my specialization, but that is definitely not the same as using the technology day-to-day. It's the difference between probably being able to cobble something together eventually, and knowing you are able to do something well right now.

When it comes to the web, I am more of the former, but I would like to be more of the latter. Let's see how this commitment turns out...