Charles Stanhope's Brave Little Website



This site is the web home of Charles Stanhope, a software/hardware developer interested in programming languages, open platforms, art, craft, diy, making a living, etc.

This is the nascent website of my home on the web. It still needs a lot of work, but it's a start. I intend this to be the center of my presence on the web รก la IndieWeb, and a place where I can have fun learning about web technologies and sharing what I know.


Currently inspired by the following quote that I heard while attending Open Source Bridge.

"Start where you are.
  Use what you have.
  Do what you can."

Arthur Ashe

Other Places

There's probably other places you may find me around the web, but I'm working to consolidate my online presence to this domain. Eventually I'll get it all straightened out.

Personal Card

When I'm first introduced to you, I'm liable to hand you my personal card. Something I created with my own two hands. Inks created with ArtRage and colors done with GIMP:

My personal card has a picture with a cartoony troll presenting information about myself by pointing to a poster board held up by two gremlins.


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